What to Look into the Best Burr Grinder

Do you love drinking coffee just like thousands of others who are addicted to coffee? Then surely you have one of the best burr grinders or you are looking to buy one. So now that you are looking for a grinder you need to know a few things to help you choose the best burr grinder that will give you ground beans for a cup of coffee with refreshing taste, and delightful aroma to perk you up instantly. Things to keep in mind while selecting a grinder are as follows:

There are two basic types of coffee makers. These are known as the Blade coffee makers and the Burr coffee makers. The difference is in the mechanism used for grinding the beans.

Coffee Makers with Blade Type Mechanism

This kind of coffee maker machine is low on price but are not very effective as they are not able to grind the beans as perfect powder and might be uneven . You also have to monitor the time for which you should grind the beans. Also the movement of the blades cause production of heat thus making the machine overheated which might affect the taste and quality of the coffee. Though amateurs like us can only understand that the coffee is not very good but coffee tasting experts will immediately be able to tell you why their coffee is not so great. This type of machine is good for home brewing, and filter coffee.

The Burr type of coffee makers doesn’t cut the beans but crushes and grinds to create a perfect cup of coffee. Another great feature is the 2 way setting which allows you to regulate the fineness of the coffee beans as fine or coarse as you want.  To find the best burr grinder you must come up with the right place. If you cannot find the best place to buy your grinder, chances are you will get the wrong product.

Generally there are two types of Burr type coffee makers:

Wheel Burr

These are comparatively low priced but have some disadvantages over the conical burr. The spin of this type of coffee maker is very high resulting in the production of loud noise. The machine might create a mess on high rotation settings.

Conical Burr

These are the highest priced coffee makers which come with a lot of advantages as compared to its competitors. The burr of this machine rotates more slowly thereby producing no noise and works flawlessly on higher settings also. This is also less messy and  production of low or almost no sounds.

Grinder Settings

When choosing a coffee maker also take into account that the machine gives you some options of choosing the quality of grinding to be very fine, fine and not so fine for different types of coffee.

Easy to clean and maintain

Choose a coffee maker which allows you to clean it easily. Try to get a machine with a separable grinder thus making the cleaning process simpler.

Choice of Container

Choose a coffee maker with a wide mouth to prevent spilling and making a mess while putting the contents in or taking them out.