We all scream for ice-cream

Who does not love ice cream? Everyone does. So imagine if you had an ice cream maker at home. You could have your favorite dessert after every meal. So how do you select the best ice cream maker ? Below is a description which will help you to select the best one.

So starting off with, you will find two types of ice cream makers in the market.

  • Manual: Although our surrounding is filled with electric appliances, old methods always give you best results. These manual ice cream makers are simple to use. You will have a bucket of wood with a small bowl inside for ice cream and one outer bowl for ice and rock salt. It has a manually turned paddle to stir the ice cream. The salt helps to lower the freezing point of the ice which reduces the temperature allowing the thermal reaction to take place and suck the heat out of the ice cream. You have to churn it consistently every ten minutes for a few hours. Then you are ready to enjoy your delicious ice cream.
  • Electric: In these busy days, it is not possible to use a manual ice cream maker. So your best option is an electric one. You will find a large variety of electric ice cream makers in the market. They will churn your ice cream for you by the push of a single button.

Why should you use an ice cream maker? What are the advantages?

  • Making ice cream is hard. It is harder when you are doing it manually. Imagine you put your mixture in a bowl and put it in the freezer. Later you have to keep checking on it every time and stirring it so that no unnecessary air pockets and ice crystals are formed. You need a lot of energy, time and patience for that. But if you get a good ice cream maker, it will do your job for you.
  • It is time saving. Other than the in-freezer unit that only churns your mix, most of the ice cream makers do not take much time to turn your cream into ice cream. They not only cool your cream but they suck out the heat as well.
  • It tastes is better.

Here are some simple steps which will help you to select your best dessert maker.

  • Make sure what your family wants?

Ice cream makers are not always created similarly. Some of the ice cream makers richer, thicker ice cream while others might concentrate on non-dairy ice creams or light, airy ice cream and so on. So first make sure what do you and your family prefer.

  • What is your price range?

It is important to set a budget for your ice cream maker. Thus, keeping your budget in mind, select a good ice cream maker.

  • How often do you make ice creams?

If you are going to treat yourself with ice cream once a month then it is not worth buying the best one available in market, even if you find it for less price.