Meat grinders are available in a huge variety

A meat grinder is also called as meat mincer. It is basically a kitchen appliance used for mixing or finely chopping of raw or cooked meat, vegetables, and fish etc. With the increasing competition in products, a huge variety of meat grinders are available in the market these days. Each grinder varies in material, shapes, functioning, power consumption, pricing etc.

Depending on the different occasions there mainly three types of grinders such as –

  • Manual meat grinders
  • Commercial meat grinders
  • Electric/ Standalone meat grinders

The functioning of any grinder is very simple. Just follow the instructions given in the user’s manual, in order to make your meat grinder durable. Make sure you trim your meat properly before you grind it. Else all the fat and muscle will end up gathering around your blade. Keep an eye on the grinder as the grinded meat comes out, in order to avoid smudging. The blades of the grinder should be kept rust free and sharp as they are the most important part of a grinder. The parts of the grinder should be washed manually rather than putting them in the dish washer.

Deciding the best meat grinder considering all points is a tough job. To make your job easier, here is a list of the best grinders available in the market.

  1. LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder:

This is the best product available in the market. It is very popular among all the meat grinders and is available at a very affordable price. Its motor has the capacity to grind around 360 lbs. meat in almost one hour. It is very well known for its high ability. It weighs about 74 pounds and has a massive handle which is very well balanced. The handle is easily detachable. This grinder is well equipped with durable auger, all necessary gears such as 110 volts motor, housing, and also a head which is made up of stainless steel. It also includes accessories like two stuffing plates, grinder knife, meat stomper, meat pan, and last but not the least a sturdy handle for holding it. This product comes with a warranty of two years.

  1. STX Turboforce 3000 Series 3 Speed Electric Meat Grinder:

This is said to be a high-quality meat grinder. It is very famous for its tough body and high power motor. The output of the motor is approximately about 3 kW. It saves a lot of time and energy. It has three cutting blades of different sizes such as fine, medium and coarse. All the parts have anti-corrosion properties. This grinder has a 4.5 star rating and is said to the best for the last seven years in USA. It is smooth in nature and weighs around 12 pounds. This grinder, for its safety purpose, has a built in circuit breaker. The grinder comes with a repair and replace guarantee for a year.

  1. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder:

This is one of the best low budget meat grinders. If you are having a budget of around $100 then Sunmile Grinder is the best one. Its motor has a capacity of 600 watt and is rated as 1.6 HP. The grinder can grind about 60 to 100 lbs. of meat at once. The spiral design of this grinder is the reason for the increase in its working efficiency. The inner part of the grinder is made of aluminum and is covered by stainless steel coating. The internal gears are made up of fine plastic material. It has a warranty of one year.

So make sure you buy a good and durable meat grinder. Other than these there are many other meat grinders. Make sure you check each and every bit of the grinder before making a purchase.