How to find good bartending schools in New York?

Bartending schools teach students the various involutions concerned with serving customers alcohol from behind the bar. The bartending course does not only include courses such as mixology, but also the intricacies behind mixing drinks and presentation of drinks.

New York City has a population of over 10 million, having a very diverse bar and restaurant scene in all of North America. If you are looking for bartending school, NYC check list of a few below:

  • ABC Bartending School – By 1977, bar work had been running in the blood of the Sylvester family for almost three generations. Tony Sylvester went a step ahead and opened his own small training class to pass on tips about the trade.

Now, nearly four decades after his first bartending session, it has a reach as ABC Bartending School that even he couldn’t have imagined. ABC has now opened up in nine states and over 30 cities.

ABC’s forty hour course has been certified by every educational or vocational/postsecondary education boards. This ensures that there is a good boost in the graduate’s job prospects. The actual Bartending course is taught to the students in mock bars, which contain all the drinks and equipment which every budding bartender would require. Spread over a two week or an accelerated one week course, ABC Bartending School charges around $300 – $400.

  • New York Bartending School – They are so sure of themselves being the best bartending school in New York that they provide a free two hour trial class. They even ask you to check out other bartending schools in the city, knowing very well that people will still come back to them.

They attract thousands of students every year, successfully transforming them into high-end professionals. These students easily enter the bartending industry in the Big Apple and beyond. They have three ultra-modern mock bar classrooms having plenty of drinks and numerous soda gun-laden work stations. This directly implies each student will get more ‘bar time’.

The forty hour course comes in at $695. Students can choose from various courses. These can be either one or two week courses or even the intensive weekend courses.

  • Columbia Bartending Agency and School Of Mixology – Columbia University is an Ivy League institution that has been training students ever since they opened the ‘School of Mixology’ in 1965. It is a self-sufficient and self-run business managed entirely current undergrad students, who also employ help from faculty and ex-students.

The instructors here are all pro bartenders, who provide immersive, hands-on training. They provide fun and informative classes ensuring the students complete the program with enough confidence to replicate all things great achieve by previous graduates. Furthermore, Columbia’s certification will lend further weight to your curriculum vitae. It is a 10 hour course spread over a period of five weeks. At just $250, you cannot ask for as prestigious a bartending course elsewhere.