Best Deep Fryer to Buy

A deep fryer is an essential utensil in the kitchen. It is where you can easily fry some of your favorite fried foods like fried chicken, French fries and onion rings among many other fried foods. When planning to buy a deep fryer, there are some things that you should take into consideration. These include what types of food you want to cook, how much you want or need to cook at any given time along with your preferred cooking oil. People need a deep fryer for different reasons; whatever suits your needs will be the best deep fryer for you.

Before buying a deep fryer, first you need to ask, what foods you usually fry.  If you always need cook a lot of fried chicken or French fries, you will probably need a deep fryer with bigger capacity. But then if you usually fry a few pieces of chicken, you might just settle with a 3-5 cup capacity; a small table top deep fryer will do. And when you like to fry a whole turkey for special occasions, there is the freestanding turkey deep fryer suitable for this purpose. For outdoor frying, like for an outdoor party, you could choose the portable outdoor fryer available in 9-17 gallon capacity would be the best deep fryer for you.

You should also consider the brands of deep fryers with options for different temperature settings. Different foods require cooking at different temperatures. For instance, while onion rings may cook at 375°F and French fries at 350°F; chicken on the other hand will cook at a much reduced temperature.

Another thing to consider before buying a deep fryer is the power source. An electric deep fryer is a more popular choice, as they are easy to use. They are usually light to medium duty and are more commonly used in most kitchens.

Gas powered deep fryer are also excellent for frying foods.  They usually come in bigger capacities form medium to heavy duty and are more commonly used in restaurants. Though you can also buy a smaller or medium gas powered deep fryers by ordering a custom build.

Deep fryer can be suitable for a stove top, in a countertop or a freestanding unit. Depending on your needs, you can find the best deep fryer for you. Whether you need it outdoors, indoors, for cooking big quantities of fried foods, just knowing your needs will help you choose the best deep fryer that meets these needs. For outdoors, the freestanding units are more appropriate. These fryers have a capacity ranging from 4 to 20 gallons and they can be easily transported since they come with wheels.

For indoor use however, the more appropriate units are the countertop fryers. Their capacities of sizes vary from small which can hold 1-2 cups of cooking oil up to bigger capacities to cook as big as a whole chicken or a turkey. If you are to cook for a family of three or four or just for you, a small stove top or countertop fryer is more appropriate.

The majority of countertop deep fryers come with a frying basket while few models are provided with two. The oil capacity of these fryers greatly vary you may need to check the product’s specification to verify if the deep fryer will suit your needs